What we do?


In short we are a volunteer service helping people who are self-isolating as a last line where people have no one else to turn to. We also share information of help from different sources so everyone can get the help they need.

The Government will provide to extremely vulnerable people - if you have not received a letter and fall under the categories in the Guidance, then please go to Register Here. Note: after registering you will need to contact your GP or Clinician who will have to confirm that you fall under this category and current feedback is that process is not fully setup so may take time.

Barnet Council will also provide help, so if you need help please go to Barnet Council Help.

If you have family and friends to help you shop, check up on you etc that is great. Unfortunately there are many people at the moment that don't have anyone right now and that is where we come in and help. You can ask for help at helpme.mutualaid.co.uk - you can register for yourself or if you know someone without Internet access you can register for them.

This is a volunteer service and the demands are great, so we have to prioritise, but we have awesome volunteers going out of their way to help. You can see where our volunteers are located by going to map.mutualaid.co.uk and putting in your postcode in the search window.

We are always looking for Volunteers, their act of kindness makes a world of difference to their vulnerable neighbours, if you would like to help please sign up at signup.mutualaid.co.uk - we would love to have you.

Additionally, we have local WhatsApp groups that can be used to connect with some near neighbours which is great as it is easier for you to help each other.

Alternatively, you may leave a voicemail with us on 020 31 377 488 and we will call you back to organise a volunteer.

If you would like to help us with a donation to cover the expenses we have - please go to https://opencollective.com/barnetmutualaid

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Monday, 4 May 2020

Weekly Newsletter - May 3rd

Dear residents, volunteers, neighbours,

This newsletter is our regular weekly UK Mutual Aid update to keep you all informed on our grassroots efforts in responding to COVID-19 in Barnet.

The newsletter is sent each Sunday and will bring you news and updates from our various volunteer teams who are providing aid to residents.

This week, the update is brought to you by our team leads.


* Over the last seven days, the team has received 131 help requests from residents around Barnet.
* This week, we've referred 21 people in need of hot meals from local hotels housing local homeless people to our food hub team.
* We've added four new operators to the team helping to connect more residents with volunteers.
* Our volunteers have received 984 help requests since 18th of March.
* Or approx 1 out of every 400 Barnet residents.
* If you’d like to join the team and help match residents in need of help, please PM for details.
* You need minimum a few hours free each week to make calls and basic spreadsheet skills.


* Eighty prescriptions delivered this week.
* Six new local pharmacy teams are now recruiting for volunteers.
* If you are in any of the following areas and would like to join the team, please enter the Whatsapp groups in your area and contact their group admins.

Community Organisers

* Looking to raise funds to help with the activities of the Food Hub as well as reimbursing volunteers for shopping costs on behalf of vulnerable residents.
* Targetting around £5-8k for Barnet (pop. 392k) similar amount raised in Lambeth (pop. 325k). Less than the £18k raised by Oxford (pop. 186k) Mutual Aid.
* Currently we've received £430 in donations.
* Please donate at https://opencollective.com/barnetmutualaid

Food Hub

* Claremont Road had its first volunteer zoom meeting this week.
* We are making referrals to Trussell Trust in Collindale, Stonegrove and Claremont Road.
* Please call 02031377488 or go to helpme.mutualaid.co.uk if you know anyone who needs free meals or food delivered.


* 1,500 additional volunteer badges have arrived.
* We are looking for residents and volunteers to share their stories with us. If you have a story to share and would like it featured on our social media accounts, please get in touch.
* If you've signed up as a volunteer and would like to receive one, please follow us via Instagram/Twitter/Facebook @UKMutualAid and contact us via your social media account to collect. #UKMutualAid

Volunteer mental and Physical Health

* We held our first yoga session for volunteers over zoom on Wednesday.
* Session is free if you are a volunteer and takes place every Wednesday at 5 pm.
* Please get in touch if you want more details.

Barnet Council

* Barnet council has kindly helped organise the delivery of kitchen equipment to Stonegrove to support our food hub activities.

Stats - Since 15th March

* We have received 984 help requests.
* 841 are marked as DONE. The volunteer has completed the help request.
* 71 are CONNECTED, this means operators will check in on them in a few days to ensure requests are completed.
* 29 are still in progress where we are finding the right volunteer, group, or charity to respond.
* 42 are repeat requests from the same residents.
* 1 is currently waiting for an operator to connect them.
* We now have a total of 1,840 volunteers registered with UK Mutual Aid (mutualaid.co.uk).

Thanks for reading, everyone! If you have any questions, please PM me. Have a lovely Sunday evening!

#StayHomeSavesLives #ProtectTheNHS

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